Calming Emotions for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma, Grief and Loss

My Hope Bear is a warm, cuddly, therapeutic and weighted Teddy Bear. It’s cuter than a weighted blanket and friendlier than a lap pad. My Hope Bear helps to calm emotions and reduce stress. A great listener for young readers, it provides an empathic ear for children learning to express their thoughts, feelings and urges. This soft cuddly bear is the perfect companion to help your child self-regulate and self-soothe.

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7 Reasons Hope Bear™ Will Benefit Your Child Today.


Hope Bear provides the right amount of sensory input by using the power of weight to calm emotions.


My Hope Bear helps children reduce anxiety and stress from the Oxytocin chemical released during deep touch pressure from the weight of the bear.


My Hope Bear provides the perfect amount of tactile exploration.


My Hope Bear is a great companion for sensory seeking kids.

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“We all need hope. Sadly, in a world where too many children are suffering from childhood domestic violence and now, with I call, ‘Covid Stress Disorder,’ My Hope Bear™ is comforting support.

Like Dr. Linda Olson, I too am the eldest of 6 kids. I grew up in a single-parent home filled with trauma/drama. I became a gang leader at the age of 9 and a Black Panther at the age of 12. I suffered from a plethora of adverse childhood experiences that manifested destructive and dangerous behaviors as a young black male on the streets of Oakland, CA. All of these experiences stole what should have been a healthy childhood from me and my family.

Now, as a Traumatologist, I coach young people and adults through crisis management situations, helping families discover their Behavioral SuperPowers™ and giftings, I wish that I had a tool like My Hope Bear™ to help heal my wounds and those of my siblings, back in the day.

My Hope Bear™ gives, it doesn’t take.

Dr. Gregory A. Spencer
Behavioral SuperPowers™ Coach”

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Frequently Asked Questions

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High Quality Design


My Hope Bear is committed to the quality and safety of our product. Please inspect the product regularly for wear and tear. If you have questions, contact our team of psychologists and experts at Customer Care or We welcome your comments or feedback.